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Amla or Brahmi oil for thickening hair is nothing new to the Indian market but I felt a little forced to reinvent the wheel. I spent years of searching Indian markets for an organic, chemical free Amla Oil and couldn’t find any. Sketchy additives just ain’t my bag. Amla Hair oil is a superstar for dealing with split dry ends, flaky scalp and encouraging new hair growth. It not only moisturizes the scalp, it’s a darn good anti aging serum. Amla oil is fantastic for moisturizing and taming those dude beards. Multi functioning products appease my my Irish sensibilities which some call cheap. I call it spending smart money on personal care.

Suggested uses: About the best oil to maintain healthy hair. Blend with a few drops of Rosemary essential oil to invigorate the scalp and encourage growth. Helps to address dandruff and dry hair. Vitamin C in Amla oil can help revitalize skin and maintain a healthy glow.

Packaged in our new 4 ounce tamper proof glass bottles with glass droppers for a more efficient delivery system.

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We do not adulterate, cut, or extend our essential oils nor do we offer fragrance oils as they are synthetic. We do not offer essential oils in carrier oils because it is not an accurate way to experience an essential oil or absolute and is not a good value for your purchasing dollar. We do not sell MLM oils nor do we associate with MLM essential oil as is standard in our profession. All essential oils are chosen by a professional aromatherapist trained extensively over years in a clinical setting in both Canada and United States. We have worked with many of our distillers for almost 20 years and supply professional aromatherapists and schools.

Because Mother Nature Prescriptives has your back like that.

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