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Lemon Flower Monastery Incense


Lemon Flower Monastery Incense is an elegant Neroli scented incense that blends lemon blossoms, Frankincense and other rich aromatics into a burnable incense for meditation, relaxation and other sacred events.

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We waited in great anticipation for Lemon Flower Monastery Incense to arrive at the apothecary because I had a hunch. I had longed for, hoped even that I would experience a burnable offering of the bitter orange tree. I would smell Neroli. It was lit even before the Damask Rose, the Benzoin Almonds, or the Frankincense rivae resin were unpacked, smoke rolling into my nose and on my face in a honeyed blossom bath. The longing was over. This incense smells of sweet Neroli. It’s hard to imagine how resins and plant materials come to be in an incense blend until one handles the material. Picking the last of the citrus blossoms from my tree releases the scent and with it notions of other resins and odiferous plants that would complement an incense blend. I imagine the Orthodox monks had much the same experience.

Like the Damask Rose Incense, I am very particular about what I burn, having suffered through synthetic incense and resins in my 20s that were not only an assault to my lungs but potentially dangerous and allergenic causing. Lemon Flower Incense is crafted by Greek Monks as they have done for over 2000 years and incorporate not only Lemon Flowers and other plant material but the other pillar of incense, Frankincense resin. Lemon Flower Incense burns a sweet Neroli – Frankincense odor that takes relaxation to a gentle, loving space. It calms and disarms. There are no synthetic ingredients and only a small amount is required to scent a small room. Burning Lemon Flower Monastery Incense is an exquisitely sensual fragrant smoke experience.

Suggested use: Use in meditation practice, relaxation or to gently scent the area.


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