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Monoi Oil| Monoi de Tahiti|Appellation d’Origine|Tiare flowers|Organic Carrier


Monoi de Tahiti Oil

French Polynesia

Monoi de Tahiti is a beautiful blend of Tahitian coconut oil and natural essences from Tiare flowers (Tahitian gardenia, Gardenia tahitensis), native to the French Polynesian islands. Our Monoi de Tahiti is guaranteed by Appellation d’Origine, which follows strict code of genuine and superior quality. Monoi oil is make by enfleurage, a method of layering blossoms in coconut oil – a method used in Grasse for decades and one I have also used for local Californian gardenia and jasmine blossoms with much fragrant success. Monoi offers a 2 year shelf life which is ideal for making nature perfumery. The oil solidifies in cool temperatures and can be liquified by putting the container in hot water for a couple of minutes.

Suggested Uses:

A few drops applied to skin as a night serum or under makeup. Monoi de Tahiti is highly beneficial for dry, frizzy hair particularly after over exposure to sun. This 1oz/30ml carrier oil is typically a 30 day supply.

The carrier oil aluminum packaging has glass inserts that can be refilled once empty to reuse and minimize waste.

Our carrier oils are stored into dedicated refridgeration until ready to be shipped, ensuring maximum freshness.

Zero waste packaging.

We ship FREE same or next day.

Because Mother Nature Prescriptives got your back like that.

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