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Opoponax Essential Oil|Sweet Myrrh|Commiphora erthraea|Kenya|Balsamic|Earthy|Floral| Leather|Forest Aromas|Closely Related To Myrrh|Rich

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Opoponax is from the same botanical family as Myrrh and Frankincense and while we have a really nice myrrh lined up to hang out with the seven different species of frankincense already in store, we thought opoponax should bust out of the gate first because of its superb fixative properties in a perfumery blend.

Sweet myrrh confused me a little when I started studying essential oils because I thought it was myrrh. I recalled reading about a true opoponax of past that was similar to the parsnip of all things – the Opoponax chironium. When the stem was wounded, a juice would extrude and dry to a resin that was then sold in commerce. Sweet Myrrh or Opoponax as it is known as, has similar anti microbial properties and scent as Myrrh and is from the same family. I’ve used Myrrh a lot over the years in dental and skin care so I didn’t see the need to carry Opoponax. Luckily for the oil, curiosity and the need for a lighter version of Myrrh changed my initial thoughts. Myrrh, bless its heart, can be a little strong – whether added to toothpaste to heal gums or in a leathery or earthly aromatic blend to add depth. Opoponax is a little less aggressive and often reminds me of a neem honey – sweet, slightly caramel and warmly balsamic. It’s a natural pairing with all frankincense species but I like it with Neglecta in particular whether in a blend or burned together in an incense burner. When consulting with Volume V1 of Guenther’s “The Essential Oils”, I was fascinated to read that little was known about Opoponax as far as that 1950 publication was concerned. It was mentioned that it was formally used as an antispasmodic and deobstruent meaning it clears or opens natural ducts in the body. I never tire of reading these old books for a glimpse into essential oil history.

Suggested uses: Add to a frankincense or citrus blend to fortify potency and scent profile. Use in meditation or anoint chakras as needed. Useful addition to a natural perfume to impart tonality.

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Please note: our 1ml green glass bottles are actually 2 ml as 1ml green glass essential oil bottles are not available at this time. We dig our green theme so 1 ml orders will arrive in 2 ml bottles. All oils are hand poured which typically results in a little extra oil in each bottle.

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We do not adulterate, cut, or extend our essential oils nor do we offer fragrance oils as they are synthetic. We do not offer essential oils in carrier oils because it is not an accurate way to experience an essential oil or absolute and is not a good value for your purchasing dollar. We do not sell MLM oils nor do we associate with MLM essential oil as is standard in our profession. All essential oils are chosen by a professional aromatherapist trained extensively over years in a clinical setting in both Canada and United States. We have worked with many of our distillers for almost 20 years and supply professional aromatherapists and schools.

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