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Vetiver 2016 Premium Essential Oil Aged|Organic|Hydrodiffused


I’ve been flowing pretty well with the essential oil write ups in the last couple of months but when it was time to tell Vetiver’s story, I hit a writer’s block. I have a long history with both selling and working with it in blends so I’m at no loss for experience. But after a week of forest walks, I realized that this oil is so important to botanical perfume making and aromatherapy that I had to give its propers. I found that be a tall order. I revisted all my aromatherapy books, old and new searching for tidbits and notes I could riff off of. I went to several garden centers in my city to buy the plant so I could include it in the essential oil photo shoot but I could not find it here. Vetiver is from the grass family and is one of the best remedies for soil erosion. I had planned to grow it in our apothecary and use the roots to make a tonic drink.

Vetiver, being a grass, is a little bit of a world traveler. It grows works over and is known by several names: Khus-Khus (Europe and India), Faek (Thailand), Kusu kusu (Malaysia), Vetiver (France)Larasetu (Java), Akar wangi (Indonesia) and of course Vetiver (Haiti). If ever there was an importance on terroir to which can affect an oil crop’s phenotype, Vetiver oil would be that embodiment. The oil is dependent on soil, quality of distillation and time of harvesting. I’ve worked with Javanese, Indonesia, Indian and Haitian oils. Haitian Vetiver is hands down our favorite for both scent, aromatherapeutic use and in light of all the struggles Haiti has faced, offers a means to economic growth. The oil from the region is dark amber, smoky and earthy. I’ve had to remind myself here and there that the sweet wood profile comes from root and not tree. The scent does not confront the nose as typical base oil might, quite the opposite in fact. There is something so comforting about good vetiver that it feels completely restorative to the endocrine system. I use both Vetiver and Patchouli regularly and no matter what other blend I might chose to wear on a given day, my arm is redolent of Vetiver. I’m a fan of aging certain oils, Patchouli being one, but I learned a curious thing about aging Vetiver: when starting with the best Vetiver, other than thickening a little, age doesn’t improve what is already a superb essential oil. We have 2007, 2016 and 2019 aged Vetiver oil. I detect little difference between 2007 and 2016 surprisingly and we feel 2016 embodies the very best of premium Vetiver.

Suggested uses: Blends with Angelica Root, Myrrh, Cedarwood, and fraternal twin, Patchouli. Scotch Pine and Geranium are also recommended additions to a blend.

Packaged in 5, 15 and 30 ml tamper proof glass bottles. Please note: our 1ml green glass bottles are actually 2 ml as 1ml green glass essential oil bottles are not available at this time. We dig our green theme so 1 ml orders will arrive in 2 ml bottles. All oils are hand poured.

All orders ship same day free via USPS 2 Day Priority Post.

Zero waste packaging.

We do not adulterate, cut, or extend our essential oils nor do we offer fragrance oils as they are synthetic. We do not offer essential oils in carrier oils because it is not an accurate way to experience an essential oil or absolute and is not a good value for your purchasing dollar. All essential oils are chosen by a professional aromatherapist trained extensively over years in a clinical setting in both Canada and United States. We have worked with many of our distillers for almost 20 years and supply professional aromatherapists and schools.

Because Mother Nature Prescriptives has your back like that.

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